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Helping immigrant workers fit in

Posted by kanrisha in blog

For most immigrant workers it is very tough to adjust in Canada. There are many milestones a foreign worker has to pass in order to find a job such as navigating the interview process, missing Canadian work experience, cultural differences, language barriers etc.

There are currently many new programs that help newcomers and foreign workers overcome barriers in the Canadian workplace and these inititives will become even more important in the years to come. A recent Statistic Canada report suggests that by 2031 one in three Canadian workers could be foreign-born, up from about one in five in 2006. Such a dramatic change in the labour force will make it even more important that Canadian employers help immigrant workers to adapt and even change the thought processes of the companies hiring managers.

Government efforts such as the Canadian Immigration Integration Program help workers get jobs that recognize their experience and education but Canadian companies have to open their doors to internationally trained professionals.

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