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Criminal record checks expanded for students on practica

Posted by kanrisha in blog

In 2008, amendments to the Criminal Records Review Act (the “CRRA”) imposed an obligation on post-secondary institutions to ensure that students who would be working with children as part of a practicum that was a prerequisite to registration with the governing body of certain professions, underwent a criminal records check (a “CRRA Check”) prior to starting their practicum.

Since then, further amendments to the CRRA have expanded the scope of the Act to
include work with vulnerable adults and, perhaps more significantly, to include all
practica for which students receive academic credit
. The requirement is no longer
restricted to practica that are a prerequisite to registration with the governing body of certain professions.

Therefore all students participating in practica for which they receive academic credit,
and that involve working with children and/or vulnerable adults directly, or having or
potentially having unsupervised access to children and/or vulnerable adults (“Relevant
Practica”), must undergo a CRRA Check prior to participating in that practicum.

These amendments took effect as of January 1, 2012, so CRRA Checks for all students participating in Relevant Practica from January 1 onward must be carried out prior to the student’s participation in that practicum.

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