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About Us

Premier Canadian Immigration Co-op (PCIC) works with you and for you – to make your immigration experience as smooth, fast, and cost effective as it can possibly be.

PCIC is not like any other immigration consulting company.

We believe in the values and the power of the co-op movement.

We believe that 3 heads are better than one; especially when those 3 heads contain 7 languages and a wealth of international experience.

When you bring your immigration file to us you can be assured of 2 things:

  1. your file will be handled by a dedicated and capable Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), trained to the highest standards and authorized by law to handle your file, and
  2. all of the members of the co-op will pitch in as required to apply their collective knowledge and experience to ensure that your application is handled in the most efficient, cost-effective, and speediest manner possible.

We make sure you are applying in the category that best suits you and your family.

We make sure your application is complete (or ‘perfected’ as IRCC calls it) and contains all of the necessary forms and supporting documents – the standard set that every application needs and the particular ones that vary from visa office to visa office.

We select the visa office you can apply to with the fastest processing times and the least delays. We know what questions to ask to help you avoid the pitfalls and traps of Canada‚Äôs complicated immigration system and we carefully build your case to answer all of a visa officer’s questions and doubts – before they come up. Simply put, working with Premier Canadian Immigration Co-op substantially increases the probability that your application will be successful.

Put the Power of the Co-op to Work for You

Premier CIC’s three Directors are:

Teodoro Lim

  • Phone: 604-842-3250



Gaby Bleckmann

  • Phone: 604-762-6938



Dr. Joe Greenholtz

  • Phone: 604-241-2432



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