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Business Immigration

There are 3 ways of immigrating to Canada under the federal business immigration program: as an entrepreneur under the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program (for people with high net-worth who can invest in the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital fund), the Start-up visa for those with a new business idea, or as a self-employed athlete, artist, or farmer. The provinces also have programs for business people (except the investor category) which can be found in more detail in our PNP section.

In addition to the requirements of the individual programs, every immigrant to Canada must also clear medical, criminal, and security checks.

Self Employed

Canada’s immigration stream for people who are self employed is designed for people who can make a contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada OR people with experience in managing a farm who have the ability to buy and manage a farm in Canada. To qualify, you need a minimum of 2 years of experience (out of the 5 before you apply)

You can apply under the Self Employed category if:

  1. you’ve been a world-class athlete OR performed at a world-class level in a cultural activity
  2. you have farm management experience OR
  3. you’ve been self employed in cultural activities or athletics (in occupations such as Librarian or Archivist; Author, Editor, Journalist or Translator; Musician, Singer, Dancer, Painter, etc.; Graphic or Interior Designer, Artisan or Craftsperson).

You also need to obtain a minimum total of 35 points in the categories of education, business experience, age, language ability in English or French and adaptability, but business experience is the major criterion. If you have 5 years of business experience, that already gives you the required 35 points.

Currently, processing times for the Self Employed category are shorter than for Entrepreneurs with times ranging from 21 to 81 months (less than 2 years to just under 7 years) depending on where the application is submitted.

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