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Immigrate to Canada

  1. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) and Federal Skilled Trades (FST)  Skilled workers are selected as permanent residents based on their education, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French, and other criteria that have been shown to help them become economically established in Canada. The province of Quebec is responsible for selecting its own skilled workers.
  2. Business Immigration (Investor, Entrepreneur and Self-Employed) There are 3 federal business programs: investor, entrepreneur, and self-employed. However, the Investor and Entrepreneur programs are presently suspended.
  3. Family Class The Family Class is a class of persons who can become permanent residents on the basis of their relationship to a sponsor who is a citizen or permanent resident (PR) of Canada.
  4. Canadian Experience Class The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a category that allows individuals to apply for permanent resident (PR) status based on their skilled work experience in Canada. Applications under the Canadian Experience Class can be made only through Express Entry.
  5. Quebec Quebec also has an investor program, which is separate from the federal program. Although there are some similarities, a Quebec investor must, of course, indicate an intention to live in Quebec after immigrating to Canada.
  6. Refugee
  7. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)
    The Provincial Nominee Programs offer a huge number of alternatives to federal immigration programs. If you wish to immigrate to one of Canada’s provinces as a Provincial Nominee, let Premier Canadian Immigration Co-op help you navigate the maze of provincial options to find the one that’s right for you.
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