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Can’t I sponsor my parents to come to Canada anymore?

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada is trying to find ways to dig itself out of an enormous hole – the backlog of 1,000,000 immigrant applications of various kinds clogging up the system. CIC has put a stop to entrepreneur class applications while it figures out how to make monitoring them less time and resource intensive. It has capped annual skilled workers applications at 10,000/year, in 29 employment categories ranging from doctors to crane operators. It has capped the federal investor category at 700 applications per year. And now it has put a two-year moratorium on applications to sponsor parents and grandparents.

Does that mean that there’s no hope of bringing those family members to Canada? The answer to that is ‘yes and no’. While putting new applications on hold, CIC is also introducing a ‘Parents and Grandparents Super Visa’. While details are still being ironed out, the gist of it is that this new visitor visa will be 10-year, multiple entry, with the maximum stay per visit extended to 2 years, from the present 6 months.

Do you have any questions on the new Super Visa? Please let us know at or post your question in the comments section. We’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need. And to read more on this topic, please check out an article by one of our directors, in the Richmond News: