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More Proposed Changes to Family Sponsorships

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Following the introduction of a 5-year sponsorship bar after landing in Canada for people sponsored as spouses, or common-law or conjugal partners under the Family Class, another major change has been suggested. A conditional visa for sponsored spouses, is also poised to become law. The amended regulation was published in the Canada Gazette on March 9 and will be become law as soon as the period for public comment has expired – unless there is an outcry from the public forcing CIC to rethink the policy. Briefly, unless the marriage or relationship lasts 2 years, permanent residence will be revoked and the sponsored partner deported. There is a lot of concern that vulnerable women, or men, would be forced to endure abusive relationships for 2 years in order to be able to stay in Canada, but to CIC’s credit, there are exemptions from the 2-year requirement in cases of spousal abuse – physical, sexual, psychological or financial – or neglect. Couples who have already been together for 2 years before applying or who have a child together are also exempt.
We’d love to hear your opinion about the new rules for Family Class sponsorship. Let us know what you think. And if you have any questions, let the immigration experts at Premier Canadian Immigration Co-op put you on the right path.

BC Pilot Project to Attract Working Families

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One of the new pilot projects in BC allows spouses, common-law partners and working-age dependents (18-22 yrs. of age) of most temporary foreign workers (TFWs) to work while they are here with the principal applicant who has been issued a valid job-specific work permit of at least six (6) months duration in a BC work location.

In the past, only spouses and common-law partners of TFWs employed in a managerial, professional or skilled occupation are eligible to apply for an open work permit in BC. Now, this unique first of a kind pilot project allows more family members of workers, including those in the lower-skilled occupations, to be eligible for an open work permit which allows the holder to accept any job with any employer in BC.

Up to 1800 open work permits will be available under the pilot project which will end on February 15, 2013.

Family members of live-in caregivers, certain seasonal agricultural workers and international experience Canada participants are ineligible for this pilot project.