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February 2018

My husband and I are truly thankful to Gaby for her hard work. We first spoke with her on Skype from Switzerland. After a 30 minute conversation we knew Gaby was the right person to work with. She is calm and professional which is exactly what we needed. During the application process she caught multiple mistakes that we made on my husband’s permanent resident application. Without Gaby’s experience and eye for detail my husband’s application would have been rejected. We feel so fortunate to have had Gaby on our side throughout such a complicated process. Mary T.

November 2017

“The truth is I could not have even begun my journey to PR without Joe’s assistance. He first took the time to listen to my specific situation to see if he could be of use to me and only then agreed to have a consultation. Throughout every stage of the process, Joe was knowledgable to the extreme and took the time to detail every aspect of the overall plan, what he would do and what I needed to do in order to achieve my goal. This was very reassuring for me and I always felt I was in safe hands. If ever I was confused or had a question, Joe was always at the other end of the phone and equally responded to emails very promptly. My PR experience was seamless and I wholeheartedly would recommend Joe’s services to anyone. In fact I did this in the case of my friend and she said she learned more from Joe over a phone conversation than she did in 3 years of dealing with other representatives.”

Thanks again for everything Joe,
My very best as always,

September 2017

My husband and I have yet to meet Gaby as we live a mere 3500 kilometers apart, but I now consider her a true friend for going above the call of duty as an immigration consultant.  My husband and I are Americans seeking to immigrate to Canada.  Gaby helped my entire family (parents, sibling and niece) determine if the Express Entry program was right for us. Once we learned EE was the right program, Gaby guided us through the application and document-collection process. Gaby was quick to answer questions, kindly pointed out when we had erred in filling out forms or translating documents, and was prompt in submitting our paperwork to the Government. Gaby’s experience with the Canadian immigration came in handy when we had to weigh whether to enroll in a special provincial immigration program.  The whole process took 9-months and went much faster than I anticipated.  I am certain Gaby’s professionalism and expertise is the primary reason we had such ease with the application process.

Jenny B.

September 2017
Negotiating the processes and paperwork to apply for Canadian Citizenship, particularly as a Permanent Resident, is a daunting undertaking that I feel fortunate to have found Gaby Bleckmann for assistance. Her patience, guidance, and keen attention to detail made worlds of difference assembling materials and submitting my application. Without her help, I’m confident I’d have made some sort of gafaw that would have lead to delays or needing to resubmit. Instead, the process went smoothly, in a timely fashion, with no issues through the test and paperwork review thereafter. I could not endorse Gaby’s help more!
Ian C.

February 2017
Joe Greenholtz started helping us with our immigration plans in 2014. Back then he guided us on gathering, organizing and preparing a very complex but solid application for the Federal Skilled Worker program. Unfortunately, our package reached CIC after that year’s cap for my NOC was reached, but these documents became a very good base for what was to come. Joe led us through the new Express Entry in 2015 and suggested that we apply for a Provincial Nominee Program in order to improve our CRS score. Happily, Joe knew that the beautiful province of Nova Scotia needed software developers and, then, oversaw the preparation of a new package of documents for their immigration program. At this point, our luck was about to change. After some waiting and a exploratory visit to Halifax, we got our nomination and the golden 600 points for the Express Entry pool. Then, Joe guided us through the most important part: proving to CIC that we had all the requirements and the profile to immigrate and settle in Nova Scotia. And, with Joe’s help, we did it. No additional documents nor further clarifications were asked by CIC – just like it happened during the NSPNP. Our application was just right. Even in the first application, we knew that. And we knew it because Joe demonstrated integrity, knowledge and dependability during the whole process.
Joe, now from Halifax, we thank you for your invaluable guidance and for being so important in making our dream true.
Guilherme and Josi

January 2017
Joe is an excellent immigration consultant and we’re so pleased that we chose him. He’s consistently thorough and professional and always knows what to look for and how best to proceed, even when complications arise.
What impressed us much more than his qualifications and competence however, is that working with Joe was like working with a friend. He was always supportive and communicative during our moments of disappointment and worry, and was just as quick to celebrate our progress and successes with us. The PR process can be quite demoralizing at times and Joe treated us with dignity and advocated for us when we felt completely voiceless. Knowing that someone who cared was on the other end absolutely meant the world.Thank you so much for everything, Joe! We wouldn’t have made it home without you. – Mau and CJ

October 2016
I heard of Gaby via two separate friends who immigrated to Canada. They were both really happy with the services she provided: One of them got his residency via a PNP application and the other one via spousal sponsorship.
I found out about the express entry immigration selection system and contacted Gaby. She is honest, friendly and very knowledgeable.
Immigration is such a complex and lengthy process. Thanks to Gaby, I found it stress free and fast and I am now happily residing in Canada like I’ve always wanted. Gaby takes pride in her work and reuniting loved ones. What else could you wish for?!
I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of legal advice for visa, immigration and residence issues.
Aurore P.

May 2016
Gaby Bleckmann was the consultant who guided my common law partner and I through the application process for permanent residency. We used her services not only through the challenging application process, but through the confusing waiting period and much anticipated final approval stage as well.

Let me first say that words cannot express how outstanding Gaby is. We could not have successfully completed this process without her, and we are truly thankful she was there every step of the way to guide us in the right direction. She was without a doubt the best suitable choice for our journey through this exhausting process and we would absolutely recommended her services to avoid any issues with your future application.

Gaby took every initiative to insure that our paperwork was up to date, correct, and filled out in accordance with the Canadian immigration laws. She insured we had all necessary paperwork, documents, photos, and proof needed for our application approval. She took care of all paperwork, mailing of documents, final processing and communication with the Immigration offices which made the process stress free and easy. Without her knowledge, we would have been completely lost and unaware of the fine details that are required for permanent residency approval.

Not only was Gaby detail oriented and extremely accurate, she is a warm, loving, caring person who is tremendously supportive of the difficulties relationships face when dealing with immigration. Gaby was extremely easy to communicate with whether it was over the phone or via email, and she was always available to answer any question we had no matter how big or small.

This is not an easy process, and it requires a lot of time and attention, but with Gaby’s help, it was completely painless and attainable.
Jan & Cass


May 2016

We met with at least 5 different immigration consultants before meeting Gaby. They all said our process was not only practically impossible to resolve, but all of them were cold, distant and mostly rude. Meeting Gaby was like a breeze of fresh air. She treated us with the kindness and respect and had many ideas for how to deal with our case. She is incredibly thorough, exhaustive, and creative at the same time. She calmly talked us through the whole thing and was alongside us from beginning to end, answering all of our questions. Contrary to what everyone else had said, Gaby was able to help us get our case resolved positively and we now have our work permit. We could not be any happier that she was the one to help us! We told her that anything else that comes up in the future we will for sure contact her again! We think she and her work made all the difference! Anita and Cristian

August 2015

I would like to thank you, Gaby, for the excellent service and high level of professional competency of you have provided me for my application. Not only the information and instructions provided were clear, accurate and precise, but you also proved to be very serious by paying attention to every details. I’m very impressed with the service I received all the way through the sponsorship/permanent residence process.

Thanks again for all your help.

Kelly Z.

August 2015

Gaby is a very detailed and responsible consultant who assisted me to accomplish my BC PNP immigration forms successfully and also submit my documents to the government without any mistake or delays. She is always very patient to answer my questions and concerns by emails or phone calls. I would say she is very cautious to make any decisions for the client to make sure the immigration process will be complete smoothly. Also she is very honest and kind which is very important for me as a client who would like to know the truth and any uncertainty. I really appreciate her professional service and I feel very lucky to be her client. I would highly recommend her as the immigration consultant for my friends. Thank you Gaby.

Camellia W.

April 2015

I was referred to Gaby by my workplace in December 2013 in order to apply for the Canadian residency through the sponsorship process. Gaby guided me through the tedious procedure of filling out all the forms, updating forms (apparently forms can randomly change while you are in the process of applying an application ). She was very attentive to all of my questions and did so in good spirit. I wasn’t embarrassed to ask even the silliest questions, knowing I will get all the information I need. Gaby showed great knowledge in all aspects of the application. She was very thorough , and I felt confident that the application we submitted was flawless. I will also state that Gaby presented all of the options and risks of every step of the way. It helped me making some important decisions. (I have a medical condition that needed addressing and some military background). I have recommended Gaby to friends as I feel they can only benefit from her expertise. I would recommend her to anyone who asks me.

Amit D.

Abril 2015

Mi esposo y yo nos sentimos muy agradecidos por el maravilloso trabajo que Gaby realiz’o con el programa de Sponsorship para nosotros. Yo soy de El Salvador y mi esposo ciudadano canadience. Ambos nos casamos en El Salvador y el proceso nos llevo solo 10 meses. Eso fue genial porque pensamos que nos iba a tocar esperar mas tiempo para estar juntos. Y la verdad, desde el principio todos los pasos a seguir fueron claramente explicados, ordenados y detalladamente revisados por Gaby. Gracias a su profesioalismo obtuvimos un buen resultado. Estamos conformes y agradecidos por todo su trabajo en cuanto a tiempo, costos y profesionalismo. Y una de las cosas que realmente aprecie en ella es que me pude comunicar en espaniol y eso hizo que entendiera mejor las cosas. A parte de ser una persona muy calida. Definitivamente vale la pena recurrir a sus servicio para este tipo de procesos migratorios, pues es muy facil perderce o botar el tiempo si no se tiene una orientacion professional. Muchas gracias Gaby por todo tu trabajo.

Jacqueline L.

 March 2015

I was referred to Gaby in May 2013 in order to apply for the Canadian residency through the BC PNP program. The immigration service provided by Gaby has been first class. The information given to me in regard to procedures and expectations has always been honest and realistic. She has always been professional and accessible. You can have full confidence, assuming that you provide all the documents that are requested of you, that your expectations will be met. Thank you so much for all your help. I highly recommend Gaby if you need to go through this process.

Muchas gracias,


November 2014

When I randomly met Gaby in the summer of 2013, my Australian boyfriend and I were knee-deep in paperwork for his permanent residency application, and incredibly frustrated by the process. I was so happy to have met Gaby whom I instantly trusted to help us. Even though I had done a lot of reading and consulted many blogs, Gaby gave us tips and answers along the way that we could not find anywhere else. It was also absolutely invaluable to have her look over our final paperwork before we submitted it. She went through it with a fine-toothed comb and found things I had missed even after agonizing over the details for months. I cannot express how grateful I am to Gaby for all her help and I recommend her to anyone who is going through the immigration/visa process. Thank you Gaby!

Lauren & Andy

October 2014

My husband and I were married in Mexico in 2013 and when we started to look into the spousal sponsorship process for him to move to Canada we soon became very overwhelmed. It was such a  large amount of information to go through and understand. As soon as we had Mrs. Gaby Bleckmann working with us, everything seemed to start falling into place and moving along quickly. Her professional understatding, knowledge, and experience in the immigration process and specicfically in spousal sponsorship was invaluable and Gaby was able to guide us in preparing a well organized application. We were not familiar with the process of the sponsorship but she was able to walk us through step by step explaining the details in a very professional manner. She was always available for any questions we had through the process and was an amazing support to us. 7 months later, my husband and I have now received confirmation of his visa. We want to thank Gaby because we could not have done this without her! My husband and I highly recommed Mrs. Gaby Bleckmann as an immigration representative to anyone starting this process, it was such a pleasure to have her working with us and giving us peace of mind in our application. Thank you so much!

Megan & Cesar

February 2014

Working with Gaby on my wife’s sponsorship application is the key of having received landing paper only three months after submission. Gaby was referred by a close friend whose wife has been in Canada for a couple of months. I’ve got so many helpful advice on finding strong supporting documents. Because of her experience and professionalism, our case was well prepared and organized. The only inquiry we’ve received from Canadian embassy is the letter of requesting passport for issuing visa. She has given my wife and I peace of minds while being anxiously waiting for the result. We are extremely happy to have our case done within 3 months, an average 9 months processing time based on the official website. Therefore, I have already introduced my friends who need all kinds of immigration service to Gaby.
Thank you for all your help, Gaby.
Zhihang Z. and Xiaohui Z.

November 2013
From start to finish, it was a pleasure to work with Joe Greenholtz of Premier CIC; whenever I had any questions he was there to answer them in a timely and informative manner. The application process for a work permit or Residency can be daunting and often rather arduous, but when you have someone who knows the process inside out, it takes away any stress and worry. Since we started working together I have (and will continue to) refer people to Premier CIC for immigration solutions. With the ever changing nature of immigration, it’s great to have a source for this information rather than relying on online forums and overwhelming websites. With his help we have been able to complete the process in a very quick timeframe and we are now happily permanent residents of Canada!”
Mark V.

“I  contacted Dr. Greenholtz for assistance with some of the immigration questions that I had. During the meeting he provided me with very thoughtful answers to my questions as well as suggested some additional strategies and tips. Dr. Greenholtz was very well prepared for our meeting and genuinely impressed me with his highly in-depth knowledge of the immigration process and strategy. He exhibited the highest level of professionalism, care and genuine desire to help me with my issues. Without any doubts, I would recommend him to anyone who seeks immigration related assistance. He is a trustworthy, reliable person that you can count on.”
Damir A.

September 2013
Gaby completed my BC PNP and permanent residence application. She also helped me to renew my work permit. With Gaby’s service I was able to submit my application within a short period of time. The estimated timeline given prior to the proceedings was always accurate and a very helpful orientation. Gaby always kept me and my employer up to date during the entire process and guided us patiently through the paperwork. She impressed both my manager and myself with her well-organized work, her professionalism and her brilliant communication skills. I would like to thank Gaby for her exceptional, prompt and detail-orientated service. I highly recommend Gaby’s services for any immigration proceedings. Tina Kerstin H.

July 2013
My name is Talal Alshehri. I am from Saudi Arabia. I came to Canada in 2010 as a student, since then I have been renewing my Study Permit every year. In April 2012 I met my girlfriend, Alejandra, who later on introduced me to Gaby Bleckmann. Gaby had helped my girlfriend to apply for her BC PNP, Work Permit extension, Temporary Resident Visa and Permanent Residency. In July 2013 Gaby also helped me to apply for a work permit as well as for my residency sponsored by my girlfriend.   I would like to Thank you Gaby for all the hard work, professionalism, high level of preparation and patience that you have had and demonstrated to me through all these months of paperwork preparation.   I am looking forward to hearing good news soon for my application. Once again, THANK YOU very much Gaby for helping us. Talal Alshehri

April 29, 2013
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Gaby, and hope this testimonial will serve as a recommendation to others. Gaby was recommended to me as an immigration lawyer/consultant by a friend, who has received her Permanent Resident Status in a period of only 6 months. Gaby counselled me excellently throughout my BC PNP, Work Permit and Permanent Resident applications, and patiently answered all of my many questions and concerns, she always provided me with accurate, timely and honest information, and kept me informed about everything at all times. What I especially appreciated that she was honest, result-oriented, structured and very well-prepared. Only a knowledgeable and skilled immigration lawyer/consultant can help you achieve a good result. With Gaby I was very fortunate to find exactly that kind of lawyer/consultant. I have no hesitation in recommending her services. Thank you for everything!

April 5, 2013
“I have great pleasure and proud in writing these words of appreciation and gratitude for Gaby. I strongly feel that I have a very good and memorable experience with you. I would like to appreciate your sincere and prompt services whenever I had some queries regarding my visa application. Not only you have completed my application process in a week as per my requirement but also you have coordinated with my university for some major documents. Your suggestions and guidance are the result of expertise you have got with the Canada Immigration Rules and Regulations. Beside so many complications in my case, you have handled everything so professionally and systematically that I got my Student Visa stamped in just 5 working days without the need for an interview. I think the support letter you have provided me is the most precised and best part of my application. Thank you so much, Gaby.”
Nitin G.

March 20, 2013
I have received excellent service from Gaby. My paperwork was completed in an amazingly timely fashion – I was always very impressed by how fast and efficient this whole process was. It only took 5 month to bring my wife to Canada. I whole heartedly recommend Gaby for all your Canadian immigration needs.

Jarod  Z.

Spanish Original Febrero 2013 Mi nombre es Alejandra Parada, soy de Chile. Llegue a Canada a fines del año 2010 con un permiso de trabajo por un año. A medida que pasaban los meses me fui dando cuenta de cuanto me gustaba estar en este pais, pero me angustiaba pensar que pasos seguir para extender mi estadia. Afortunadamente, tuve la oportunidad de conocer a Gaby Bleckmann, quien con profesionalismo y entera dedicacion me asistio en la tramitacion de procesos tan importantes como mi postulacion a BC PNP, permiso de trabajo y Temporary Resident Visa. Estoy muy contenta de haber contratado los servicios de Gaby ya que es una excelente profesional, muy organizada, preocupada de investigar las regulaciones migratorias para asi encontar la mejor opcion para sus clientes y por sobre todo, totalmente confiable. Muchas Gracias Gaby

English translation
February 2013
My name is Alejandra Parada, I am from Chile. I arrived in Canada at the end of 2010 with a one year work permit. After a few months, I noticed more and more how much I would like to stay in this country but I felt anxious thinking about the steps that had to be taken in order to extend my stay. Luckily I had the opportunity to meet Gaby Bleckmann. With her professionalism and full dedication she helped me to apply for a BC PNP nomination, Work Permit and Temporary Resident Visa. I am very happy that I hired Gaby’s professional services as she is an excellent professional, very organized, dedicated at investigating the immigration laws and regulations in order to find the best option for her clients and overall she is totally reliable. Thank you very much, Gaby.

December 2012
Hi Gaby,

Happy New Year,
We met a couple of years ago to discuss applying for residency for my wife and earlier this year met again to go over our completed application.
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that our spousal immigration application was approved and as of Dec 12, Beau is now an official permanent resident of Canada!
The whole process went quicker than expected, even though it was a very nerve racking experience. Thank you for your help in completing our application, it gave us great peace of mind that it was done correctly before submission, and as such it was processed by London without any further delays or requests for information.  The entire application process took approx 7 months.
Life can now start for real!
Thanks again for your help and we hope 2013 has started as well for you as it has for us.
Barbara and Beau

Spanish original Octubre 2011
“Hemos tenido la fortuna de contar con el apoyo de Gaby Bleckmann para obtener nuestro permiso de trabajo en Canadá. Ella nos fue recomendada por una amiga justo cuando buscábamos un consultor de migración. Contactarla fue muy sencillo y desde la primera sesión que tuvimos con ella se plantearon todos los puntos importantes con claridad ya que tiene un conocimiento profundo sobre todo lo concerniente a la obtención de permisos y migración. Como parte de nuestra aplicación era necesario un obtener un LMO (Labour Market Opinion), un requerimiento complejo que requirió de un gran apoyo de Gaby, quien fue un puente de comunicación clave entre nosotros, el empleador de Rocío y la oficina de Service Canada. Posteriormente ella preparó todos los documentos necesarios para la aplicación del permiso, el cual ha sido felizmente aprobado por la oficina de CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Nuestra evaluación sobre su trabajo se resume en: claridad y conocimiento, excelente comunicación, gran eficacia. Gracias Gaby.
Rocío y Carlos”

English translation
October 2011
“We were fortunate to count on the help of Gaby Bleckmann in order to obtain our work permit in Canada. She was recommended by us from a friend in the exact moment we were looking for an immigration consultant. To contact her was very easy and during the first meeting all important issues were clearly outlined due to her detailed knowledge regarding the issuance of work permits and immigration. As part of our application we had to obtain a LMO (Labour Market Opinion) which is a complex process and required a lot of support from Gaby, who was facilitating the communication between us, Rocio’s employer and Service Canada. Gaby prepared the required documents for the application of the work permit which was fortunately approved by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). We can summarize our evaluation regarding Gaby’s services as the following: clear, knowledgeable, excellent communication and very efficient. Thank you Gaby,
Rocio and Carlos

From J and N
I had the pleasure of using Dr. Joe Greenholtz’s services for just over a year between 2011-2012. Going into 2011 my partner and I were looking to obtain a Canadian Common-Law Permanent Residence. We sought Joe out as he had been recommended for his knowledge of Canadian Immigration Policy and experience working with foreign nationals in British Columbia. Before applying Joe interviewed my partner and I, making sure he had a thorough understanding of our individual circumstances and immigration needs. He conducted extensive research and presented us a document containing the options available to us along with the pros and cons of each. During the application process he helped answer specific questions, and even came with us to the border during the final stage of the application. Joe supported us throughout the entire immigration process, answering all of our questions in a timely and professional manner. I am pleased to say that thanks in no small part because of Joe’s assistance, my partner was accepted for permanent residence. I can also say with confidence that while I realize Citizenship and Immigration Canada ultimately made the decision concerning our case, using Joe’s services gave us a distinct advantage compared to if we had applied by ourselves. From his timely contact, detailed research findings, approachability, professionalism and thoroughness, it is clear that Joe not only understands the system and is an expert in what he does, but truly cares about those he is trying to help. From what I have heard from other international friends in Vancouver, Joe’s rates can be considered not only reasonable, but in fact highly competitive. I’d recommend and encourage anyone looking for immigration services to give Joe and Premiere Canadian Immigration Co-op a call.
J and N