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Why Hire an Immigration Consultant?

You might be wondering whether you really need the help of an immigration consultant.
Some applications are pretty straightforward and wouldn’t seem to need any special expertise. But choosing the wrong category to apply in, not knowing about a program that better fits your qualifications and experience, sending your application to the wrong visa office, or even using an out-dated form can delay your application by months (or years) and cost you unnecessary time and money – not to mention the risk of a refusal and having to start over again.

It’s the same when you’re thinking about hiring any professional.
After all, you could represent yourself in court – but most people hire a lawyer to make sure they get the best representation. If your taxes are pretty straightforward, you can do your own returns, but many people go to a tax preparer or hire an accountant to make sure they haven’t missed any deductions or made ineligible claims.

Canadian immigration law is complicated, and frequent changes to employment categories, regulations, where to send your application, and even the forms make things even more confusing.

Here’s one ‘simple’ example:
If you are immigrating as a family, all your children under the age of 22 are defined as dependent children. That seems simple enough.
BUT, if your 21 year old son had lived with his girlfriend for a year while away at university, he no longer fits the definition of a dependent child and is no longer eligible to be included on your application – unless of course he was and had continued to be a full-time student since starting that common-law relationship. On the other hand, your 22 year old daughter could still be included on your application as long as she is studying full-time . . . unless of course she’d taken a semester off, for any reason.
What seems like a straightforward criterion – up to age 22 – can get complicated very quickly!

It seems that everyone has an opinion on immigration and many think they’re qualified to give advice because they ‘helped’ their cousin fill out his forms or have an uncle who ‘knows someone in the government’ or they read something somewhere that’s ‘exactly like your case’. Happily for them (but not for you), they don’t have to take responsibility for any bad advice they give you.
And there are those other ‘experts’ who offer ‘haircuts, tax services, house painting, divorce and immigration consulting’ who will charge you for their advice, which is illegal, unless they are regulated immigration consultants.
Don’t put yourself at the mercy of unauthorized representatives who will happily take your money and leave you on your own at the first sign of complications.
Professional immigration consultants, the ones you can really trust, work in a tightly regulated industry with strict standards of conduct and accountability. Do your homework. Go to the website of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and make sure the consultant you hire is currently a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in good standing.

At Premier Canadian Immigration Co-op we know your rights and how to protect them.
We Know What You Need

10 reasons to hire a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant from Premier Canadian Immigration Co-op (PCIC):
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1. Professionalism and Reliability

All of Premier Canadian Immigration Co-op’s immigration practitioners are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Becoming a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) requires a year of specialised training and rigorous exams. And it doesn’t stop there. RCICs are also required to undertake Continuing Professional Development that keeps them on top of any changes in the immigration system and helps them to deepen their expertise in specialised areas such as investor immigration, skilled workers, family sponsorships, and refugee hearings. Accountable, knowledgeable, professional – choose PCIC to guide you through the immigration maze.

2. Save Time and Money by Choosing the Right Immigration Program

PCICs charges a fee for their services, but we will save you time and money in the long run.

Consider this:
– there are more than 60 immigration programs that lead to permanent residence – federal, provincial, and Quebec
– there are dozens of categories for temporary work permits with processes that change drastically based on your nationality, profession, employer, province of destination, etc.

You could waste days or weeks searching the internet and poring through blogs and self-help sites to find the strategy and category that will get you to Canada  – or you could let PCIC’s experience, knowledge, and expertise find the best fit for you.

3. PCIC Guarantees that your Application will be “Perfected”

We can’t guarantee that your application will be accepted. If anyone offers you such a guarantee, run away! 

But we do guarantee that your application will be “perfected” – completed correctly and with all supporting documents attached. CIC requires that every application be perfected – or they simply send it back.

Online application kits come with a document checklist, but there are a lot of things that are not explained online. For example:
How do you get a police certificate for the time you worked in Saudi Arabia? What should you do if you don’t have a birth certificate? What if the company you used to work for went out of business and can’t provide you with the documents you need for your application? What should you do when you applied for a work permit online, but they didn’t let you upload your provincial nomination letter – and now they’ve refused you application because you didn’t submit one!

There are hundreds of examples like this where you would have no one to turn to for advice – unless you have PCIC working on your behalf.

PCIC employs strict Quality Control measures to ensure that your application is accurate and perfected.

4. PCIC Guarantees that your Application will be Well Presented

Completing the application forms and collecting supporting documents are just part of the process. PCIC’s team includes a former Canadian visa officer who knows how applications are evaluated and can anticipate the questions that are likely to arise. 

When we submit your application, we also prepare a custom cover document that clearly outlines how you qualify for a visa or permit and clears up any grey areas or possible problems – before they arise in the Visa Officer’s mind!

5. PCIC Will Stand Up for You

Visa officers and Canadian border officials are well trained and, for the most part, fair and impartial, but they do make mistakes. People are often intimidated by government officials and find it difficult to argue with one or anyone in authority – even when they know they’re right. Your PCIC consultant will stand up for you and ensure that the law is interpreted correctly and that your rights are protected.

6. Easier Communication with the Government

Have you ever tried to call a visa office – or anyone in CIC – to resolve a problem? You know how hard it is to reach anyone who is willing and able to answer your questions. Staff at CIC’s Call Centres do their best, but immigration is so complicated that they often give the wrong answer or the wrong advice. PCIC has access to government directories in Canada and overseas. We know who to contact on your behalf, and how to reach them.

7. Personal Attention

PCIC’s immigration professionals know what questions to ask to make your application the best it can be, and to help you avoid the hidden traps and pitfalls of the immigration process. And if circumstances change during the application process – you get married or divorced, have a child, change jobs – your PCIC consultant will be there to help you evaluate any impact those changes might have on your application. Similarly, if the government changes a program or regulation, your PCIC consultant will determine how those changes might affect your case, and advise you accordingly.

8. Protecting your Confidentiality

A lot of information is available online, whether on government websites or the many immigration-related self-help forums and blogs. But if you have a sensitive question about your family, your education, your employment, past brushes with the law, or a medical condition – you don’t want that information splashed all over the internet. You want to be able to ask your questions in a safe environment where you know your privacy will be protected. PCIC will protect your sensitive information.

9. Following up and Dealing with Difficulties

Every immigration process takes a long time and requires attention to detail and patience. PCIC’s immigration professionals will monitor your case, no matter how long it takes, and will make sure that documents are current. We’ll track when your medical exam is set to expire and when it’s time to renew your visa or permit. And when documents don’t get delivered, payments go astray, online processes fail, visa officers misread your application and come to the wrong decision . . . so many things can go wrong . . . You want the peace of mind that comes from knowing PCIC is working for you to prevent or correct any snags that might arise.

10. Handling Your Appeal

If you’ve submitted your own application or had someone else represent you, and your case has been refused for some reason, PCIC’s consultants will evaluate your file to see if there are any grounds for a successful appeal, including Humanitarian and Compassionate considerations and the Best Interests of a Child involved. We will put forward the most complete and compelling case possible and represent you during the appeal process before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).